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Here you will find a wide selection of secondhand/used bowls for sale, all at very competitive prices.


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We also have a wide selection of new bowls for sale.


We also have a very wide selection of accessories for sale.


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Drakes Pride Advantage-Size 1 (ref0139)

Super Set Drakes Pride Advantage-Size 1-Speckled Blue-World Bowls Stamp 2019-Just a couple of minor scratches


Drakes Pride Advantage-Size 4 Heavy (ref 2707)

Super Set Drakes Pride Advantage-Speckled Green-World Bowls Stamp-Great Condition,some minor scratches


Drakes Pride Jazz-Size 00 (ref 2567)

Fantasic Set Drakes Pride Jazz-Size 00-Blue/Yellow Speckle-World Bowls Stamp 2018-Hardly a mark on them


Drakes Pride Professional-Size 3 Heavy (ref 0055)

Great Set Drakes pride professional-Size 3 Heavy-Speckled Green-World Bowls Stamp 2019,just a couple of scuffs/scratches


Drakes Pride Professional-Size 3 Heavy (ref2816)

Super Set Limited Edition Drakes Pride Professional-Size 3 Heavy-Burgundy/Red/Yellow Speckle-world Bowls Stamp 2022,some very very minor scratches


Drakes Pride Professional-Size 3 1/2 (ref 2452)

Great Set Drakes Pride Professional-Size 3 1/2-Very Dark Blue-World Bowls Stamp 2014-Some scratches & scuffs-This size can usually be played by bowlers who take size 3 or 4


Drakes Pride Professional-Size 4 Heavy (ref 0052)

Excellent Set Drakes Pride Professional-Size 4 Heavy-Red/Maroon Speckle-World Bowls Stamp 2022-Just some minor scratches


Henselite Classic II-Size 2 (ref 0159)

Excellent Set Henselite Classic Ii-Size 2-Black-World Bowls Stamp 2023-Just a couple of very minor scratches


Henselite Dreamline-Size 1 (ref 0149)

Superb Set Henselite Dreamline-Size 1-Green-World Bowls Stamp 2016-Hardly a mark on them


Henselite (Almark) Edge-Size 0 (ref 0160)

Great Set Edge Bowls-Size 0-Black-World Bowls Stamp 2017-There some scuffs/scratches


Henselite (Almark) Slimline-Size 0 (ref 0133)

Very Good Set Slimline Bowls-Size 0-Black-World Bowls Stamp 2014-Some scuffs/scratches


Henselite(Almark) Slimline-Size 4 (ref0086)

Great Set Henselite Slimline-Size 4-Black-World Bowls Stamp 2015-A few minor scuffs/scratches


Henselite Tiger-Size 2 (ref 0119)

Brand New Set Henselite Tiger-Size 2-Black/White Speckle-World Bowls Stamp 2022

Save Around £60


Henselite Tiger-Size 4 Heavy (ref 0113)

Good Set Henselite Tiger-Size 4 Heavy-Green-World Bowls Stamp 2015-They do have† scratches & Scuffs


Henselite Tiger II-Size 1 (ref2891)

Very Good Set Henselite Tiger II-Size 1-Blue-World Bowls Stamp 2019,a few scuffs/scratches


Henselite Tiger II-Size 4 Heavy (ref 0093)

Super Set Henselite Tiger II-Size 4 Heavy-Red-World Bowls Stamp 2019-some minor scratches


Taylor Ace-Size 0 (ref 2783)

Excellent Set Taylor Ace-Size 0-Speckled Green-World Bowls Stamp 2018-just some minor scuffs/scratches


Taylor Ace -Size 1 (ref 0136)

Very Good Set Taylor Ace-Size 1-Black-World Bowls Stamp 2020-They do have some scuffs & scratches


Taylor Ace-Size 2 (ref 0092)

Super Set Taylor Ace-Size 2-Purple Speckle-World Bowls Stamp 2022) Just some Very Minor Scratches


Taylor Ace -Size 3 Heavy (ref 2814)

Superb Set Limited Edition Taylor Ace-Size 3 Heavy-Brown/Orange Speckle-World Bowls Stamp 2021-Cant find a mark on them


Taylor Ace-Size 4 Heavy (ref 2718)

Good Set Taylor Ace-Size 4 Heavy-Red-World Bowls Stamp 2015-They do have scratches & scuffs


Taylor Ace-Size 4 Heavy (ref 2800)

Good Set Taylor Ace-Size 4 Heavy-Blue-World Bowls Stamp 2016-Some scuffs & scratches


Taylor Ace-Size 4 Heavy (ref 0115)

Fantastic Set Taylor Ace-Size 4 Heavy-Magenta Speckle-World Bowls Stamp 2022-I bought these as s/hand,but I dont think they hace ever been played with


Taylor Ace-Size 4 Heavy (ref 2802)

Super Set Taylor Ace-Size 4 Heavy-Red Speckle-World Bowls Stamp 2016-Hardly a mark on them


Taylor Ace-Size 4 Heavy (ref 0130)

Super Set Taylor Ace-Size 4 Heavy-Green/Yellow/White Speckle-World Bowls Stamp 2020-Look as good as new


Taylor Ace-Size 4 Heavy (ref 0131)

Great Set Taylor Ace-Size 4 Heavy-Black-World Bowls Stamp 2016-Just a few Scratches


TAylor Lazer-Size 0 (ref 0135)

Good Set Taylor Lazer-Size 0-Black-World Bowls Stamp 2013-They do have scuffs & scratches


Taylor Lazer-Size 1 (ref 0128)

Super Set Taylor Lazer-Size 1-Black-World Bowls Stamp 2015-Just some very minor scratches


Taylor Lignoid-Size 2 (ref 2681)

Priced to Clear- Set Taylor Lignoid-Size 2-Brown-Date Stamp 98-Hardly a mark on them


Taylor Vector VS-Size 4 Heavy (ref 0138)

Great Set Taylor Vector VS-Size 4 Heavy-Yellow-World Bowls Stamp 2016-A few scuffs/scratches


Taylor Vector-Size 4 Heavy (ref 0137)

Super Set Taylor Vector-Size 4 Heavy-Blue-World Bowls Stamp 2015-Very unusual grip-Just some minor scratches


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